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Wholesale Tote Handbags

Wholesale tote handbags are a specialty of eWAM. We carry one of the internet’s largest markets of school, team, sport, and spirit jewelry, merchandise, and accessories. We offer a large repository of wholesale tote handbags for any occasion.

At eWAM we understand that there are numerous places a person could solicit to purchase a handbag, however we believe that we offer unique advantages that other retailers can’t match. Our wholesale tote handbags are exclusively made to resemble the latest fashion but at an affordable price. By avoiding buying expensive tote handbags from producers we are able to provide wholesale tote handbags at a reasonable price and save our customers and clientele money. In fact, most handbags are made from the same materials and at the same costs; the difference is the price tag that the suppliers use.

By purchasing wholesale tote handbags from wholesaleaccessorymarket.com our clients are able to save the money they would normally spend on similar products at other stores that sell handbags. This allows them to purchase more of our products and get more for the value of their money. This way they receive the best product possible at the most reasonable price. For us being price conscious and saving money for our customers and clientele is one of our most important priorities.

We currently regularly serve over 1,500 different boutiques and distributors. We supply everyone from the large distributor that will resale our products to box retail chains, to individual first time and one time buyers. We do not discriminate business based on volume, or any other factor. Our passion lies in providing a quality product at an affordable price backed up by the best customer service in the industry.

We will continue to grow by providing more products, such as quality wholesale tote handbags while keeping costs under control and affordable to everyone. We love working in our industry and look forward to working with more people and businesses.

Thank you for shopping for wholesale tote handbags on wholesaleaccessorymarket.com.

Wholesale Accessory Market, aka eWAM, is your ‘One Stop Shop’ online wholesale distributor of wholesale quilted bags, wholesale tote and travel bags, wholesale jewelry, wholesale gifts and many other wholesale accessories. Our customer base consists of boutiques, gift shops, pharmacies, tanning salons, hair salons as well as the independent home based entrepreneur. We stock over 10,000 items, all brought under one roof to allow you the benefits of a ‘One Stop Shop’ wholesale market experience. Wholesale Accessory Market supplies over 1,500 boutiques around the United States. Let us be your online wholesale ‘One Stop Shop’ supplier.
Wholesale Accessory Market was established in 2000 as an incentive gift supplier to the party-plan business. Our customers include independent consultants from Premier Designs Jewelry, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Purse Party, Southern Living at Home, Lia Sophia Jewelry and many more.
We pride ourselves on outstanding value, top notch customer service, and fast shipping. We maintain our own inventory at our distribution center in central Alabama.
We offer our customers an endless assortment of merchandise that features handbags, jewelry, jewelry displays, scarves, watches, and incentive gifts. We also carry an extensive line of religious gift items. In 2007, we began offering personalization on many of our products. Recently we added a large selection of acrylic gift items, spa collection items and baby accessories for personalization.
In October 2008, we changed our name to eWAM. The name was shortened to make it easier to say, to remember and to access through the internet. Customers may access the website through www.eWAM.com or www.WholesaleAccessoryMarket.com. eWAM is a strong, growing company committed to offering our customers high-quality products at a great value. We hope you enjoy our site and we always appreciate your support, suggestions and comments.
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