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Preppy Mason Jar Collection

While mason jars have become a hot trend in all areas of life from serving sundaes to holding makeup brushes in a DIY project, they began as something else. They were first part of lounging on the porch drinking sweet tea or whiskey while taking in some relaxing “do nothing and do it right” time. It has come to symbolize a state of peaceful relaxation with a touch of Southern charm. This laid-back attitude has since been translated to the jar itself as a symbol of a better way to live your life, one sip at a time. With our Preppy Mason Jar collection, bring this to life every day wherever you go!

We are pleased to offer our high quality and stylish wholesale mason jar print bags in a range of types and sizes. Whether looking for a cosmetic case to stay organized, a backpack for back to school, or a large organizer tote for the busiest of moms, we have everything you need to add this playful print to meet your shopper's needs. The print itself is a modern take on southern prep. With a navy background covered in artful depictions and polka dots for added flair, our Preppy Mason Jar collection is the right mix of classy and playful for the woman looking for both without compromise. With the smaller yet still important embellishments such as pretty pink bows, ribbon style trim, and the option to customize it with carefully scrolled initials, there is simply no denying the visual appeal of our wholesale mason jar print bags. Every bag has been manufactured with detail and care for a product you will love showing off in your boutique. From the easy carry double handles to the fully lined interior, this is a collection full of quality throughout each piece. Add some old-fashioned charm to your boutique today!

At Wholesale Accessory Market, we are your source for all things wholesale. With a focus on affordability and quality equally matched throughout every option, we are confident you will find a great addition to your shop. If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.

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