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Get Personal: Five Must-Have Pieces Of Monogram Jewelry

June 25, 2019 3 min read

Get Personal: Five Must-Have Pieces Of Monogram Jewelry - Wholesale Accessory Market

There’s regular jewelry and then there’s monogrammed jewelry.

To be clear, pieces that are worn casually every day are awesome. They’re like sprinkles of style that embellish and enhance any outfit. That’s why we carry a wide variety of wholesale jewelry that’s designed solely for that purpose. On the other hand, there’s just something really special aboutmonogram jewelry

You might have given or received a piece ofinitial monogram jewelry to commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, graduation or childbirth. If you were the recipient, seeing your initials on a stunning bracelet, pendant or pair of earrings probably made you feel like the gift giver truly put some thought into the gesture. So, if you plan to add initial jewelry to your store’s product mix, channel that feeling as you make your selections. This will ensure that you have unique and heartfelt items to offer.

Wholesale Accessory Market carriesinitial jewelry wholesalethat customers will absolutely adore. The pieces we carry range from vintage-inspired to modern, minimal to elaborate. You’ll have no problem finding pieces to complement your store’s product mix. 

Here are just a few pieces from ourwholesale monogram jewelry collection to consider as you’re browsing. 

Worn Silvertone Disk With Pearl Pendant Necklace 

silvertone disk pendant necklace

This simple, yet elegant necklace can be worn plain, but why would anyone want to do that when personalization is on the table?!? This wholesale necklace is 36” long with a 2” extender and a lobster claw closure. The disk is 1.25” in diameter and you can add a three-initial monogram to the pendant for a small fee. A faux pearl makes this necklace an instant classic. Thispersonalized jewelrydesign would make a great gift for someone who loves a minimalistic, yet distinguished look.

Tortoiseshell Goldtone Or Silvertone Initial Earrings

tortoiseshell initial earrings

From nails to glasses, the tortoiseshell trend is here to stay. It was actually forecasted to be a major fashion player for 2019. Wholesale jewelry is no exception. Our Tortoiseshell Initial Earrings are a cute way to bring a hot trend to your customers. These earrings are a 2” fish hook style with a 1.5” drop. The disk is faux tortoiseshell and we offer goldtone and silvertone monogram options on the site. These wholesale fashion earrings are lead and nickel compliant, perfect for adding a personal touch with classic flair. 

Crave Layered Goldtone Initial Necklace

Crave layered goldtone initial necklace

This necklace is a great choice for a birthday or graduation gift. It offers personalization in a slightly edgy way, featuring a 14” chain with a 3” extender and a 9” long chain that holds the initial. The worn goldtone color is flattering, so those who tend to gravitate towards gold jewelry are sure to like this contemporary option. 

Worn Goldtone And Ivory Initial Bracelet

worn goldtone and ivory initial bracelet

This piece is a good alternative for those who prefer low-key, but still fairly elegantpersonalized jewelry. This worn goldtone bracelet has worn silvertone wire accents and features a 1” scalloped disk with an embellished initial in the center. The bracelet has a front hook closure and is lead and nickel compliant. This piece would make a cute bridesmaid or “just because” gift.

Silvertone Flourish Initial Spoon Bracelet

silvertone flourish initial spoon bracelet

For customers who might love bolder pieces of initial jewelry, this is a wonderful piece to have in-store. Our Silvertone Flourish Initial Spoon Bracelet features two spoon handle tops with intricate details paired with a beautifully scripted initial. This bracelet has a magnetic closure and is lead compliant. If you’ve been looking forinitial jewelry wholesalethat truly stands out from what’s on the market today, this piece is for you. But don’t hesitate to order because this style is selling quickly! 

Find The Best Selection Of Wholesale Monogram Jewelry At Wholesale Accessory Market

When your customers want the right jewelry to celebrate a special person, including themselves, Wholesale Accessory Market is your source forinitial monogram jewelrythat’s sure to impress. Shop our selection of  wholesale earrings,  necklaces and  bracelets to find great jewelry for your store. And if you’re looking for more monogrammed accessories, shop our selection ofwholesale monogrammed cosmetic bags

*Please note that our inventory changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don’t worry — we always have plenty moremonogram jewelry and accessories to choose from!

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