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Wholesale Hair Care Products

Give your guests a way to pamper their mane with our selection of wholesale hair care products. They'll love the way their hair looks, and you'll enjoy the fabulous pricing on these wholesale hair products in bulk. Create an entire display using our wholesale beauty products – including these wholesale hair care items. Fill up your cart today!

Give Their Locks a Lift at Amazing Prices

Your shoppers will adore these wholesale hair care products. For many women, their hair is a crucial component of their looks, and they're always searching for new ways to rock their locks. Fortunately, we've got several products to help them do just that. Once they've sampled our wholesale hair products in bulk, make sure they have the wholesale face products to finish the job beautifully.

Quality Wholesale Hair Care Products That Sell

Fill your shelves with these standout items that are sure to bring terrific results. Stock up on wholesale hair care items like:

  • Shampoo Brushes: A staple for any hair care section, our shampoo brushes are both functional and stylish. Designed for optimal scalp stimulation and even shampoo distribution, these brushes enhance the washing experience and assure repeat sales due to their undeniable appeal.
  • Hair Masks: In the age of self-care, hair masks have emerged as a go-to product for consumers who want to pamper their 'do. Our line ensures a deep nourishing experience, targeting widespread hair concerns. Expect these masks to fly off your shelves, bringing back customers for more.
  • Wholesale Spa Headbands:Every beauty regimen demands a wholesale spa headband that's soft, adjustable and designed to perfection. A vital addition to any beauty or skincare aisle, these headbands ensure customers can enjoy their treatments without a hair out of place.
  • Scalp Massager: The hair care revolution has begun! These ergonomic scalp massagers provide an invigorating experience, stimulating blood flow and providing relaxation, making them an irresistible pick for customers seeking a scalp and hair health routine.
  • Bulk Shower Caps: No hair care section is complete without our premium bulk shower caps. Waterproof, durable and styled for a contemporary audience, these caps ensure your customers can preserve their hairdo with no fuss at all.
  • Turbo Towel: Dry hair in record time with the Turbo Towel. Made with super-absorbent microfibers, it's an essential tool for those on the go. Its swift drying capability, paired with a gentle touch on the hair, ensures it's a hot seller for any modern consumer.
  • Hair Trimmer: Precision and ease define our hair trimmers. Whether for a quick trim or detailed styling, our trimmers are designed for seamless operation and optimal results.

Add a Wholesale Hair Care Section to Your Beauty Products Display

At Wholesale Accessory Market (WAM), we have tons of wholesale beauty supplies you can use to create an entire display in your store. These high-quality items are attractively packaged and priced to sell. In addition to wholesale hair care, there are plenty of cosmetics to choose from:

  • Face: From a foundation that feels like a second skin to those little magic sprays that keep everything in its right place (yes, even after an impromptu dance-off), our face makeup has got your customers covered.
  • Eyes: We have a colorful medley of eye makeup designed to enchant and mesmerize. Stock up and let your customers' eyes do the talking, from subtle winks to bold blinks.
  • Eyebrows: Brow-wow! Whether your customers are team #FeatheredBrows or on a mission to find the sharpest arch in town, our eyebrow cosmetics are here to raise some eyebrows – in the best way possible.
  • Lips: From kiss-me-now nudes to dare-to-wear reds, we're serving lip products for every mood and every move. Warning: Side effects may include unstoppable confidence and frequent mirror checks.
  • Beauty Tools: Arm your customers with the tools of the trade. Our playful yet practical range of essential beauty tools & accessories ensures every makeup move is a masterpiece in the making.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Hair Care Products

Want to know more about our wholesale hair care beauty products? We've addressed a few of the commonly asked questions below, but please get in touch with any additional concerns you may have about wholesale hair products in bulk (or any of our other products).

Is There a Minimum Order Amount for Wholesale Purchases?

Wholesale Accessory Market requires that you place a minimum order of $50. With all the fabulous choices at your fingertips, you can stock up and save a bundle. Once you reach $400, you'll get free shipping, too! Check out our shipping page for more info.

What Types of Hair Care Products Do You Offer?

We carry a curated selection of hair care products, including wholesale headbands, shampoo hairbrushes, bulk shower caps and other hair accessories. Our selection caters to various hair types and concerns, ensuring retailers can provide diverse options for their customers.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Hair Care Products?

Quality is paramount to us. We source our wholesale hair care products from trusted manufacturers and brands, such as CALA. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks before being included in our catalog. We aim to ensure that retailers receive only the best for their customers.

What Can I Do if the Wholesale Hair Care Item I Want Is Out of Stock?

Most of our wholesale hair care products are restocked, but occasionally, they're discontinued. Please contact our Customer Service Team, and they'll be glad to advise of the available restock date.

How to Grow Your Boutique

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Quality Wholesale Hair Care Products Are a Click Away at WAM

At Wholesale Accessory Market (WAM), we've curated a premium selection of wholesale hair care treasures designed to elevate every strand and style. From root-reviving solutions to the final touch of flair, our products promise to dazzle. Refresh, restock and redefine your store's hair care offerings with just a click. Experience the WAM difference today and let every hair flip be a statement!

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