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Personalization Information

Custom personalized items are non-returnable, and all sales of personalized items are final.


Our personalization costs range from $4.95 to $29.95, depending on the item being personalized. The cost for personalization of each item is shown on the product personalization page. Personalization usually adds 3-5 business days to your order processing time.


Personalized items are non-returnable, and all sales of personalized items are final.




How many letters can I include on the product I've selected?
  • Please limit the number of characters (which includes letters, punctuation and spacing) to 10, unless otherwise stated on the personalization page.
What if I want more than 10 characters personalized on my item?
  • The space for personalization varies from item to item. Many of the items only allow space for a limited number of characters. Please call Customer Service for pricing information on any personalization that is over the allowed amount listed on the personalization page.
What is the difference between Initials and a Monogram?
  • Initials are the 'first name initial / last name initial',  or  the 'first name initial / middle name initial / last name initial' of a person's name.  The initials are displayed in the order:  first / last,  or  first / middle / last.
  • A Monogram is always 3 initials of a person's name. The last name initial appears in the center, in a larger size.  The initials are displayed in the order:  first / last (in a larger size) / middle.
Please note:
  • If you choose to have a Name personalized - type it exactly as you would like it to appear, including your preference of upper and/or lowercase letters.
  • If you choose to have a 3 Initial Monogram - it will automatically appear with a larger center letter. Order a 3-initial monogram with uppercase letters (First, Last, Middle). Example: KSC would be Kelly Cole Scruggs.
  • If you choose to have a Single Letter Monogram - Enter an upper or lower case letter. It will be monogrammed exactly as you type it in.
What if I want a custom logo personalization?
  • We can custom digitize and embroider items. There is a one time set-up fee based on the number of stitches and the intricacy of the design. Please call Customer Service for further information.
Do you offer quantity discounts on multiples of the same item, personalized exactly the same?
  • If you order more than 8 of an item, each with the exact personalization, please call our office for quantity discounts.



  • Rub a squeegee gently over the lettering and make sure they will stick to the transfer tape.
  • Peel off the white backing slowly and carefully, make sure all lettering is sticking to the transfer tape.
  • Let the lettering and clear transfer tape slowly fall into place on your product.
  • Using a squeegee, rub over the entire design again. Work from the center toward the edges to remove any air bubbles.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the clear transfer tape, beginning in the upper right corner and working at an angle. If any letters are difficult, just use your squeegee to help them transfer to the product.



Machine Embroidery uses the latest embroidery machine technology, designs are computer digitized then sent to the embroidery machine where the designs are stitched in garment with colored threads creating a beautifully personalized product.
Vinyl Personalization is our most versatile personalization technology and can be applied to most smooth surfaces. It uses high grade vinyl with adhesive backing. Computer designs are machine cut into the vinyl,  then vinyl design is applied to an item. Let your creativity GO!
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