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Video: Small Town Success Story

Mallory McCain is the owner of Teacups and Tulips, a downtown flower and gift shop in Eupora, MS. After working in a bigger city, she pursued her dreams of moving back home and opening her own store.

Small Town America = Next Silicon Valley

A start-up insider predicts small town America will overtake Silicon Valley in innovation. For most of us, small town America is the setting of most country Top 40 hits -- a place we look to when we're longing for a quieter lifestyle or some imagined...

Young Entrepreneurs: Multimillion-Dollar Opportunities

How one young entrepreneur built a multimillion- dollar company and created hundreds of jobs in his small town, and how others can too + Jeff Bezos: innovate at the same time that you focus on...

Small Town Quilting Business Captures Heart

You may think quilting is just something your old Aunt Bettie does to keep herself occupied in her golden years, but you'd be sorely mistaken. Each year, the Small Business Administration declares a National Small Business Person of the Year...

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