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Sunflower Gifts to Brighten Anyone's Day

August 26, 2020 4 min read

Sunflower Gifts to Brighten Anyone's Day - Wholesale Accessory Market

Sunflowers have the unique ability to provide energy, nourishment and pure joy to anyone who comes in contact with them. This happy flower blooms from July to October, but you can provide joy year-round with these great sunflower gifts and accessories! At Wholesale Accessory Market, we're sharing some of our absolute favorite wholesale sunflower accessories. No matter which sunflower items you choose to stock your shelves with, your customers are sure to love and cherish them all year long

Our Favorite Wholesale Sunflower Accessories

The sunflower has different meanings across the world, from positivity and admiration to strength and loyalty. The Incas worshipped sunflowers due to their resemblance to the "life-giving sun." In Chinese culture, sunflowers are said to bring lasting happiness and good luck. From their bright yellow petals to their vibrant tall stems, it's no wonder so many people love this feel-good flower.

At Wholesale Accessory Market, we have a beautiful selection of sunflower shirts, gifts and accessories to choose from. Whether you're looking for bulk quantities of sunflower gifts for a special occasion or a collection of wholesale sunflower items for your boutique, you'll find it all right here at Wholesale Accessory Market. Below, we're sharing just a few of the sunflower accessories we love this season.*

Sunflower No-Touch Stylus Bangle Keychain

These days, avoiding germs and dirty surfaces has never been more important. Ensure you never have to handle another doorknob or touch another elevator button again with the help of this sturdy bangle keychain in a joyful sunflower print. Simply slip this bangle keychain around your wrist to stay hands-free. And whenever you need to use your keys or the convenient stylus, they'll always be within easy reach.

Sunflower no-touch stylus bangle keychain

Sunflower Crossbody Organizer Clutch

Brighten up any outing with this convenient crossbody bag in a lovely sunflower pattern. The sunflower crossbody organizer clutch is ideal for carrying the essentials, like your phone, keys, wallet and hand sanitizer. Plus, it can be used as a crossbody, wristlet or clutch, so you have a bag for all occasions. This gorgeous and versatile accessory is perfect for transitioning from those long, hazy summer evenings to those crisp and colorful autumn days.

NGIL sunflower crossbody organizer clutch

Sunflowers Phone Pocket

Whether you're going out and want to minimize what you need to carry or simply hate hauling a purse around wherever you go, this adorable sunflower phone pocket is the perfect storage solution. The colorful stick-on phone pocket allows you to securely store credit cards, keys, earbuds and more. Plus, it easily fits most smartphones with a flat back. Infuse a little personality and sunshine into your cellphone with this bright and sunny must-have tech accessory.

Sunflowers phone pocket

Sunflower Bib Necklace and Earring Set

Instantly brighten up any ensemble with a sunflower necklace and earring set from Wholesale Accessory Market. Statement necklaces are always a winner, and there's no better way to display your naturally sunny disposition than by wearing vibrant and colorful sunflower jewelry. We personally love pairing this popular set with sunflower shirts, blouses or dresses that have a collar of some sort. It's a whimsical way to add a touch of fashion and fun to your outfit.

Sunflower bib necklace and earring set

Be a Sunflower White Mug

"In a world full of roses, be a sunflower!" Know someone who loves sunflowers or who simply stands out and brightens any room they walk into? This mug is for them! With a gorgeous design and premium ceramic construction, this mug is the right pick for teachers, coworkers, besties and more. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher safe. You have coffee every morning, so why not infuse a little joy into your cup of joe with a sunflower mug?

Be a sunflower white mug

Sunflower Blessed Unisex Raglan Shirt

Sunflower shirts are a stylish way to display a message of positivity — or just your love of the popular golden flower. And this vintage-inspired, ¾-length sleeved raglan tee is a fun and hip way to let everyone know you truly are blessed. Wear it with shorts during warm summer evenings or with denim overalls on a fun fall adventure. There are countless ways to style this classic shirt. Vintage black not your color? This top seller is also available in Venetian grey and premium heather.

Sunflower blessed tri-blend unisex ¾ raglan

*Please note that our wholesale inventory changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don’t worry — we always have plenty of wholesale sunflower items to choose from.

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Find the Prettiest Sunflower Gifts at Wholesale Accessory Market

"Here comes the sun, doo da doo doo…" Bring a little sunshine into your shop with sunflower shirts, accessories and more from Wholesale Accessory Market. From coffee mugs to tech accessories, you'll find gorgeous sunflower items to bring a smile to any customer's face.

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