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Tough as Leather: Why You Should Consider Leather Earrings For Your Jewelry Collection

August 19, 2019 3 min read

Tough as Leather: Why You Should Consider Leather Earrings For Your Jewelry Collection - Wholesale Accessory Market

Leather is rugged.
Leather is strong.
Leather is luxurious.
Leather is warm.

There’s a reason why leather gifts are given for a third wedding anniversary. When a couple reaches the three year mark, they know the bond they share is a pretty tough one. Leather exemplifies resilience. It shows that no matter what the wearer is going through, they can roll with the punches and keep moving forward. And even if they don’t feel strong all the time, they can give off the appearance that they are.

If you want to add some unique, edgy and stylish pieces to your boutique’s fall jewelry and accessory offerings, consider adding wholesale leather earrings into the mix. And if you’d prefer a more ethically conscious choice, you’re in luck. Our faux leather earrings look great and come in options that will complement any outfit.

Let’s take a look at a few leather and faux leather earring styles that Wholesale Accessory Market has to offer.

Sports Themed Earrings

Sports-Themed Leather Earrings

Whether it’s football, baseball, softball or basketball, we’ve got wholesale leather earrings and faux leather earrings to help customers cheer on their favorite teams in style. You’ll find genuine leather footballs and baseballs as well as faux leather baseballs, softballs and even basketballs in our selection. So regardless of what makes your crowd go wild, we have earrings they’ll love to wear while doing so.

Turquoise Leather Football Earrings

Geometric Faux Leather Earrings

Faux leather can be just as bold and modern as its counterpart is. In fact, you’ll find many faux leather earring styles at Wholesale Accessory Market that are sleek, stylish and fashion-forward. Our earring collection boasts a wide variety of colors, finishes and geometric shapes. The styles of faux leather earrings that we offer are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

Dark Gold Shredded Faux Leather Geo Earrings
Geometric Earrings Necklaces
Boho Earrings

Boho Leather Earrings

If you’re looking for toned-down pieces that still make a huge impact, you’ll definitely discover leather earrings that fit the bill here. You’ll find boho looks and many Southwestern-inspired pairs of leather earrings as well. You’ll definitely want to have some of these styles on hand for shoppers who are always looking for accessories that embody effortless elegance.

Turquoise Leather Three-tiered Concho Earrings

Cut-Out Faux Leather Earrings

If you want wholesale earrings that make a major statement with minor price tags, CUT IT OUT! Cut-out earrings are great if your store is known for always having unique, eye-catching and interesting jewelry and accessories in stock. Give the people what they want. Shop our selection of faux leather earrings for delightful cut-out designs that will be the talk of every occasion.

Mint Faux Leather And Goldtone
Filigree Flower Earrings
Cut-Out Leather Earrings

Shop Wholesale Accessory Market for Wholesale Leather Earrings, Faux Leather Earrings and Much More

Fall is just around the corner, so start stocking up on the hottest jewelry and accessories around. Whatever you need, Wholesale Accessory Market is here for you. If you'd like help finding the right pieces or just have questions about our earrings in general, contact us. We’re always more than happy to assist you!

*Please note that our wholesale inventory changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don’t worry — we always have plenty more earrings to choose from!

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