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Neck's Level: Seven Trending Necklace Styles to COnsider For Your Inventory

August 05, 2019 4 min read

Neck's Level: Seven Trending Necklace Styles to COnsider For Your Inventory - Wholesale Accessory Market

Since the beginning of time, strands of bone, precious metals, feathers, shells or gems have found their way onto the necks of people from around the world. Some for religious or ceremonial purposes, others for leisure. And a great number of them were worn to commemorate life’s milestone moments — births, weddings, celebrations, or even loss. Necklaces have gone from simple to extravagant over the centuries. The same can be said when it comes to the styles of trendy necklaces that we see today.

From chokers to cross necklaces, lariats to lavaliers, today’s fashion jewelry styles cover every look and occasion. Wholesale Accessory Market carries some of the best wholesale necklaces around. Our collection boasts a wide variety of options that can be seamlessly incorporated into your store’s product mix. Here are some trending necklace styles to give you a better idea of what you can find on our site.

Women’s Designer Look Necklaces

If you want modern jewlery that could be featured in any style section, we have what you need! Our assortment of wholesale designer look necklaces features a great mix of goldtone, silvertone and even tri-toned pendant necklaces, as well as earring and necklace sets. Most of our designer look necklaces are about 18” long. Some have intricate scroll patterns. Others have more of a worn, handcrafted look. And a few designs even have gem-like embellishments. You’re guaranteed to find wonderful trendy necklaces to enhance your store’s accessory offerings in this collection.

Silvertone Textured Trim Oval And Circle Necklace And Earring Set
Womens Necklaces
Cork Necklaces

Cork Necklaces

Cork isn’t just stylish when it’s popping out of champagne bottles or serving as the foundation for a killer pair of wedges or platform pumps. It can add an interesting and organic touch to necklaces as well. Our cork necklace collection features cork in various shades and patterns. And you’ll find this natural material paired up with silvertone and goldtone elements like crosses, half moons, steer heads, horses and much, much more!

Leopard Cork And Goldtone Filigree Teardrop Necklace

Locket Necklaces

Today, when everything is tweeted, posted and snapped, shoppers might long for items that make it possible to keep a tiny secret every now and then. Our wholesale locket necklaces make it easy for people to carry meaningful mementos or messages close to their hearts. In our collection, you’ll find lockets that hold pictures or have inspirational messages tucked away inside of them. These pieces come in goldtone or silvertone and are ideal if you want beautiful, inspirational jewelry for your store.

Worn Goldtone Serenity Prayer Cross Message Locket Necklace
Locket Necklaces
Seed Bead Necklaces

Seed Bead Necklaces

Seed beads may be tiny, but when used to craft trendy necklaces, the end result can be absolutely stunning. Our collection of seed bead necklaces includes western-inspired pieces, knotted tassel necklaces, multi-layer necklaces and much more. And if you want complete sets, we have them as well. So spread some seeds of great style with seed bead necklaces from us.

Layered Multi-Color Glass And Seed Bead Necklace And Earring Set

Semi-Precious Necklaces

While diamonds dazzle people everywhere, semi-precious stones have a special sparkle of their own, along with a more affordable price tag. For customers who want the more earthy and organic look of agate, amazonite, hematite, jasper, rose quartz or similar stones, our collection of wholesale semi-precious necklaces offers items they’ll absolutely adore. In it, you’ll find chokers, pendant necklaces, long teardrop charm necklaces and even necklaces with inspirational messages. Rock your customers’ worlds with our fabulous semi-precious necklaces.

Gray Jasper Mixed Bead Necklace With Faux Leather & Chain Tassel
Semi-Precious Necklaces
Tassle Necklaces

Tassel Necklaces

You won’t a hassle finding tassel jewelry here. Wholesale Accessory Market carries tassel necklaces in a wide variety of themes and materials. We offer tassel jewelry inspired by the southwest, necklaces crafted with natural materials like wood, leather and semi-precious stones and even some quirky pieces to celebrate farm life. Give customers a little something to shimmy and shake for with fun wholesale tassel necklaces from our collection.

Gray Jasper Mixed Bead Necklace With Faux Leather & Chain Tassel

Wood Necklaces

When we think about trees, we might think about their resilience and strength. They’re also seen as a symbol of life. So it only makes sense to wear jewelry that incorporates wood. Wholesale Accessory Market’s collection of wood necklaces includes pieces that range from simple to ornate. You’ll find long, layered necklaces, crystal-trimmed necklaces, mixed bead necklaces and a whole lot more in this category. So shop away and discover pieces that we know your customers will adore.

Goldtone And Green Wood Triangle Disk Necklace
Wood Necklaces

Find the Best Wholesale Necklaces Around at Wholesale Accessory Market

From beads to semi-precious baubles, we have wholesale fashion necklaces that will keep customers coming back for more. Shop our selection today for trending necklace styles that look great and won’t put a dent in your inventory budget. If you have any questions about our necklaces or jewelry in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

*Please note that our selection of trending necklace styles changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don’t worry — we always have plenty more wholesale necklaces to choose from!

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