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Brace Yourself For Great Style: 10 Wholesale Bracelets That Shoppers Will Love

June 12, 2019 6 min read

Brace Yourself For Great Style: 10 Wholesale Bracelets That Shoppers Will Love - Wholesale Accessory Market

Bracelets have been adorning the wrists, and sometimes upper arms, of people everywhere for centuries. It’s believed that the word bracelet originates from the Greek word “brachile,” which means “of the arm” and the Old French word “bracel.” Bracelets have been traced as far back as 5000 BCE. Bracelets during this time were crafted by the Egyptians out of materials like wood, animal bones and stone. These early incarnations tended to have more religious and spiritual meanings. Fast forward to now, and there’s a bracelet for almost every occasion.

Today’s bracelets range from super casual (think woven or friendship bracelets), to very extravagant (think 18-karat rose gold set with pavé diamonds and onyx with a $53,000 price tag). You can even find bracelets to commemorate life events or bracelets to show your support for a specific cause. Bracelets have been there from the start, and given the fact that they’re highly adaptable to any style or personality, they’ll keep being a go-to fashion accessory — which means you’ll want to stock up on wholesale bracelets for your store.

The Details for Resale

Bracelets are always good items to keep in your store’s product mix. When selecting them, go for wholesale bracelets that match your aesthetic, and don’t be afraid to pick a few options that stand out from what regular shoppers would expect to see in your store. You want to introduce something unexpected every now and then to inspire them and keep them on their toes.

Tip: By wearing the wholesale bracelets you buy, not only can you show the merchandise off to your customers, but you also can see how the pieces hold up. Ultimately, you are the number one fashion influencer for your store or boutique. If customers actually see you wearing the items you sell, they’ll probably be more likely to buy them as gifts or for themselves.

Discover What’s In Store

Wholesale Accessory Market offers a very wide selection of bracelets (and we mean very wide). Right now, our collection includes 18 different categories of wholesale bracelets for you to browse. From sleek and modern to bohemian and natural, you can find bracelet styles your customers with love to wear or gift.

Here are Ten of our Popular Styles to Consider

Bangle Bracelets

If you want pieces that make bold statements in more rigid ways, bangles fit the bill. Bangles are great to sell because shoppers can wear them solo or make them stackable. When you shop our bangle bracelets wholesale, you’ll find designs that range from simple to ornate. We have bangles with scriptures on them, bangles with animals on them and even bangles to help you live your best beach life. Our selection of bangle bracelets is absolutely — banging. And, it offers designer look jewelry styles for every taste.

Worn Silvertone Wire-wrapped Anchor Bracelet
Worn Silvertone Wire-wrapped
Anchor Bracelet
Silvertone ‘Strength’ White Leopard Cuff Bracelet
Silvertone ‘Strength’ White Leopard
Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelets

The cuff has always been a major statement piece. Ancient civilizations wore leather or metal cuff bracelets for adornment and for protection during battle. Today, cuffs are probably some of the boldest accessories around. If you want to add some cuffs to your store’s product mix, let us be your one-stop shop for the latest styles. We offer sports-themed cuffs, initial cuffs, western cuff bracelets and much more. It’s always cuff season at Wholesale Accessory Market.

Boho Bracelets

If you cater to the easy, breezy, nature-loving crowd, our assortment of bohemian or boho bracelets is for you. If you like pieces made with natural elements, we offer cowrie shell bracelets. Cowrie shells are believed to symbolize the power of destiny and prosperity. If you want to send customers off with some positive vibes, we have a number of cute ways to do so.

Our selection of boho wholesale bracelets includes seed bead bracelets for a look that’s just naturally glamorous. Here, you’ll find seed bead bracelet options like multicolor cuff designs or two-color link bracelets. These bracelets are effortless options with a major wow factor.

Mint Seed Bead Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Mint Seed Bead Cowrie
Shell Bracelet
Mint Seed Bead Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Goldtone And Silvertone 12 Gauge
Bullet With Charms Bracelet

Charm Bracelets

Make life more charming for your customers with our assortment of wholesale charm bracelets. Our selection includes a number of themes. From beach and resort charm bracelets to shotgun shell bracelets, we carry a lot of fun, interesting and even inspirational pieces to brighten up anyone’s day. Right now, you can find around 22 categories of charm bracelets to shop. But don’t miss out on securing those eye-catching pieces for your store’s inventory. Shop our selection of wholesale charm bracelets today since our products change frequently.

Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

Another boho trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon is semi-precious stone bracelets. Popular among yogis and rockhounds alike, these pieces offer nature’s rich colors and interesting textures. Our stone bracelets are available in semi-precious options like agate, jasper, amazonite, druzy, carnelian and much more. You’ll also find wire stone bracelet designs, stackable sets, stretch bracelets and stone bracelets with uplifting messages. Great taste is a stone’s throw away at Wholesale Accessory Market.

Pink Multi-color Faceted And Stone Beaded Bracelet Set
Pink Multi-color Faceted And Stone
Beaded Bracelet Set
Matte Goldtone Quatrefoil Cluster Charm Brown Magnetic Bracelet
Matte Goldtone Quatrefoil Cluster
Charm Brown Magnetic Bracelet

Tassel Bracelets

The tassel trend may seem new, but tassels have been around for a very, very long time. In 330 AD, the Roman emperor Constantine decreed that all Christians should wear clothes, sparking the demand for tassels. In the 16th century, the French actually trained people in the art of creating tassels through a seven-year apprenticeship. Others then spent exorbitant amounts to commission the creation of tassels. A tassel is the ultimate status symbol. Lucky for you, we offer tassel bracelets in a variety of materials and styles. This means you can offer customers luxurious pieces at affordable prices.

Wire Bracelets

If your clientele loves simple pieces with a little handcrafted flair, wire bracelets are a great option. And you’re not limited to a few choices. Right now, we have about twenty wholesale wire bracelet themes for you to browse and shop. Some of those themes include arrows, faith symbols, mermaids, monogram initials and southern sayings. If you’re looking for uncomplicated designs that will catch the eye, go for wholesale wire bracelets.

Burnished Silvertone ‘life Is Better In Boots’ Bracelet
Crave Silvertone And Turquoise Bead
Disk Bangle
Matte Goldtone Quatrefoil Cluster Charm Brown Magnetic Bracelet
Burnished Silvertone ‘life Is Better In
Boots’ Bracelet

Western Bracelets

The spirit of the west is wild, free and adventurous. And if that spirit resonates with your customers, you’ll want to stock up on our western wholesale bracelets. Our collection of western jewelry covers everything from cowboy boots to rodeos. You’ll even find pieces that were inspired by Native American jewelry on our site. Lasso up a great selection of western bracelets for your store today.

Cord Bracelets

Like the boho bracelets we mentioned earlier, cord bracelets are also good for those who love simple accessories with an organic vibe. Our wholesale cord bracelets are made of materials like faux leather, woven cord, colorful knotted cord, a mix of cord and metal or even a combination of cord and shells. You’ll find nothing but good vibes and carefree styles here.

Silvertone Wave And White Opal Stone With Mermaid Cord Bracelet
Silvertone Wave And White Opal
Stone With Mermaid Cord Bracelet
Worn Goldtone Bar Light Blue Multi-cord Magnetic Bracelet
Worn Goldtone Bar Light Blue
Multi-cord Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetic Closure Bracelets

Want to attract more people to your store’s jewelry selection? Throw some magnetic bracelets into the mix. With this option, you can choose from multi-cord designs, cuffs, charm styles and much more. Our collection of magnetic closure bracelets encompasses themes like animals, occupations, bible verses and even spoon bracelets. These wholesale bracelets offer maximum comfort and versatility, and they are a snap to put on and take off.

Find The Best Selection Of Wholesale Bracelets At Wholesale Accessory Market

Great bracelets can take outfits to the next level. They can also make wonderful gifts. If you’re looking to enhance your store’s jewelry collection, Wholesale Accessory Market can help with our diverse assortment of bangles, charm bracelets, cuffs, wire bracelets and much, much more. Shop our bracelets wholesale and find eye-catching pieces at great prices. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Please note that our wholesale bracelet inventory changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don’t worry — we always have plenty more bracelets to choose from!

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