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Bulk Beaded Jewelry

Women wear jewelry to symbolize their femininity and style. With the right beaded jewelry design, a woman will stand out from the crowd. Glass bead jewelry is a symbol of her personality, social status, fashion taste and style. In addition, a unique glass beaded necklace compliments any outfit and pulls it together. Stock your shop with wholesale glass bead bracelets, earrings and more at Wholesale Accessory Market!

Unique Wholesale Glass Bead Jewelry

Explore Wholesale Accessory Market's beaded jewelry collection. We have unique, handcrafted designs ranging from delicate single strands to multi-gemstone pieces. These are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes, suiting the preference of all women's styles. Our collection portrays the rich variety found in worldwide beadwork. You'll find pieces that include a variety of silver and gemstones as well. Choose long, wrap-around strands made from eye-catching glass for a selection of beaded jewelry your customers will love.

Our affordable collection of glass bead jewelry comes in various shapes and designs, and many feature bright colors. The finishes are gorgeous with unique cuts to really catch the eye. With our unique beaded jewelry at great prices, we are sure to exceed your expectations.

Versatile Glass Beaded Necklace Collection

We're proud to present the Wholesale Accessory Market assortment of glass beaded necklaces for women. Our collection ranges in style from ethnic and tribal to modern and beyond. Our beaded jewelry also includes accents crafted out of other materials such as metal and semi-precious stones. Your customers won't be able to resist wrap-around strands made from eye-catching beads when you add them to your shop's selection of glass bead jewelry. Don't forget to add glass bead earrings to your order.

At Wholesale Accessory Market, we're known for our affordable, attractive range of glass beaded necklaces. We choose quality products made with high craftsmanship and test all our items for quality, so your boutique can offer the best for less.

Fun and Funky Glass Bead Bracelets

Check out the glass bead bracelet collection for our best, unique products. We have a wide variety of affordable and stylish beaded bracelets for women. All of our bracelets feature high-quality glass beads or brightly colored stone beads. Some beaded jewelry is adorned with faceted beads or comes in comfortable stretch band styles.

Once you order our beaded jewelry, you know you are receiving high-quality products at affordable prices. You are sure to have many satisfied customers who look forward to shopping your store again and again.

Shop Glass Bead Jewelry

From delicate to bold, our selection of glass beaded necklaces and other fashionable beaded jewelry reflects the latest trends when it comes to style. When you're buying beaded jewelry for your jewelry shop, your customers will love the look and you'll love the prices.

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