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Wholesale Kids Face Shields

Browse our collection of wholesale face shield for kids that will help prevent droplets of saliva from coughs, sneezes and other foreign objects entering young children's eyes, nose, and mouths. You can always count on Wholesale Accessory Market to provide you with the safest and highest-quality wholesale face shields for kids.

Order Bulk Kids Protective Face Shields

At Wholesale Accessory Market, we produce some of the best wholesale face shields for kids on the market. Your customers will appreciate your business for offering high-quality protective equipment for their children.

Our wholesale kids face shield masks feature an advanced anti-fogging coating to stop fog build-up in your customer's kids face shield. Place your order online today for wholesale face shield for kids.

How Do I Clean My Kids Face Shield?

The benefit of purchasing a kids protective face shield is that it can easily be cleaned and reused repeatedly. To effectively clean your kids face shield mask, soak it in a warm water solution with your choice of cleaner and scrub away any marks, or wipe it with a disinfecting spray and wipe with a clean cloth/towel.

Are Kids Face Shields Effective Against COVID-19?

The use of kids protective face shields are designed to decrease respiratory droplets' splash from child to child. According to the CDC kids face shields should be worn in combination with a face mask to reduce the spread of viruses and other contaminants.

What Can Delay My Wholesale Order of Kids Face Shield Masks?

We take pride in our ability to fill your orders immediately; however, the following billing issues may cause a setback:

  • If you supply a PO Box instead of a physical mailing address
  • If the billing information you provide does not match the information that your bank has on file
  • If your payments is declined

High-Quality Bulk Face Shields For Kids At Affordable Prices

Your customers don't just want any protective wholesale kids face shields — they want the very best. When you stock your shop with our bulk face shields, you'll give them just that. Browse our collection of face shields for kids at wholesale prices today!

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