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Wholesale Paw Print Jewelry & Accessories

You are going to love the wide selection of wholesale paw and paw print jewelry available on Wholesale Accessory Market. Our fantastic collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. We even carry t-shirts and other cute items.

The Wholesale Accessory Market is today’s #1 online source for quality discount paw print accessories with affordable wholesale pricing.

At Wholesale Accessory Market we carry a large selection of paw print jewelry to show and display. We specialize in carrying jewelry and accessories that don’t sport any specific team’s logo which allows you to find paw prints that will work for your younger child’s peewee league team or your older child’s college team at the same time. This also helps keep the cost of our paw print jewelry and accessories low to help you save more money.

We understand that a piece of jewelry without a logo is perfect for most people. It allows the flexibility of displaying team pride while not endorsing a specific team, or license. This makes our paw print jewelry and accessories perfect for supporting specific schools, specific sporting organizations, and much, much more.

Our paw print jewelry comes in different color schemes, to match any team colors or school colors. Our paw prints can easily be used to represent any type of cat or other pawed animal as well. By keeping the shape generic and the colors simple with commonly used color schemes, we truly have something for everyone at Wholesale Accessory Market.

Furthermore, Wholesale Accessory Market prides itself in providing decorative paw print jewelry and accessories as well. Many of our paw print jewelry selections come with either embossed colors, or crystals. Our crystals are the perfect combination of form and function, adding grace and style to our decorative team spirit paw print jewelry and accessories line.

We also carry many combinations of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This allows for the full range of expression. A person can opt to go with only bracelets to display team and school pride, or have matching earrings with it as well. Also pendant necklaces are ideal for everyone on the same team, whether it is a cheer or a spirit team. This way the accessory and paw print jewelry works together to become part of the overall uniform.

At Wholesale Accessory Market we serve over 1,500 different boutiques throughout North America. We do have minimum purchase amounts for our goods, but we fill large bulk quantities as well as individual orders.

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