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One of Wholesale Accessory Market's most useful items is our organizer tote.  There are several variations on a basic organizer tote.

One of our best-sellers is sometimes referred to as a 'trunkster' or truck organizer.  This utility tote fits nicely inside your trunk and is divided into three sections.  A detachable insulated cooler bag fits neatly into one of the sections.  This is so convenient for bringing home the groceries!  Once emptied, the trunk organizer folds flat and fits out of the way.  It's there when you need it, but neatly put away when you don't need it.  Most of the trunk organizers are available for personalization.

Another of our popular organizer totes is a large tote bag with lots of pockets.  These organizer bags are available in many different fashion prints.  Again, Wholesale Accessory Market offers personalization on the majority of our organizer totes.

Trust WholesaleAccessoryMarket.com to bring you the best bags at low, discount prices.

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