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Wholesale Tultex Shirts & Apparel

Designed for total comfort, wholesale Tultex T-Shirts and apparel are the best options to stock your shelves all year long. Your customers will have a considerable variety of ever-changing designs to choose from, all made with incredible fabric. In addition, we carry Tultex shirts wholesale at excellent prices for bulk ordering, so when your customers buy up your entire stock, you can be ready to order your next batch of the latest designs. View our complete Tultex T-shirt selection below, and continue to check back in to grab the latest Tultex shirts before they sell out.

We Carry Tultex T-Shirts for Any Occasion

At WAM, we carry wholesale Tultex T-Shirts with simple graphics covering a wide range of themes and trends. So whether you're looking to stock up Tultex shirts related to incoming holidays or you believe your customers would like a Tultex T-Shirt full of wit and humor, our selection has something for everyone. Our inventory is constantly changing, so we're able to offer up new Tultex shirts at wholesale prices for your retail store all year round.

What are Your Wholesale Tultex Shirts Made From?

Tultex apparel is made from several variations of polyester and ring-spun cotton. This unique blend gives a more vintage look to many Tultex shirts but protects the color so it won't fade after multiple washes. Tultex wholesale T-Shirts are incredibly soft and comfortable and remain that way so your customers can get years of use from them. With excellent preshrunk fits, Tultex wholesale T-Shirts are the perfect comfort tees for people of all ages. Your loyal customers won't be disappointed.

What Types of Tultex Apparel are Offered?

Our wholesale Tultex apparel comes in a wide range of options to meet your customers' needs and the needs of your shop. Depending on the climate of your location, you may want to order Tultex shirts in different varieties or stick to a single option. Luckily, WAM can provide you with what you need. We offer Tultex apparel in every size, from extra small to triple extra-large. In our shop, you can find:

  • Tultex T-Shirts with Short Sleeves
  • Tultex T-Shirts with Long Sleeves
  • Tultex Raglan Tees

Along with our Tultex shirts, take a look at some of our other fashion apparel to truly stock up your shop with everything you'll need. We offer great products such as Blank T-Shirts meant for decorating, Trendsetting Wholesale Graphic Tees and Wholesale High Fashion Apparel.

Can I Return My Tultex Shirts & Apparel?

If you feel like you should have gone with a different Tultex shirt design, it's not a problem! Our return process is straightforward and easy to navigate. After you order Tultex shirts wholesale, you have 14 days to send back the unopened items in their original packaging. Additionally, if your Tultex apparel arrives damaged, you can reach out to us through a phone call or email for a return. You can visit our full Return Policy Page for more information and additional restrictions on orders.

Order Your Wholesale Tultex T-Shirts & Apparel

Ordering Tultex shirts wholesale is your best option to supply your customers with high-quality Tultex apparel at a great price. You won't find better deals around, Wholesale Accessory Market is a premium supplier that will consistently help you stock your shelves and make great sales. If you have any questions about our selection of Tultex shirts, or our process, contact us today with your questions – we'll be happy to help.

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