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9 Must-Have Farmhouse Decor Pieces For Completing A Room

March 29, 2019 4 min read

9 Must-Have Farmhouse Decor Pieces For Completing A Room - Wholesale Accessory Market

It’s not surprising that people across the country have embraced farmhouse decor ideas and incorporated them into the interior design of their own homes. Farmhouse living is all about combining warm and cozy styles with pieces that are charming and cleverly unique. There’s no real formula for pulling this look off successfully, so it’s easy to see why people like it. But there are a few things to keep in mind before anyone decides to take on this style of home decor.

Take A Practical Approach To Buying Rustic Chic Decor

Back in the day, people decorated farmhouses with practical and sturdy items that they had on hand. Today, in that same spirit, places like Wholesale Accessory Market make it easier for you to stock your retail space with the best farmhouse decor around. Your customers can find items that will look sophisticated and like they’ve stood the test of time. Because when it comes to farmhouse decor, that’s what it’s all about — mixing time-honored pieces with newer things to create an inviting, yet homey space.

As you’re selecting farmhouse furnishings for your store, keep that philosophy in mind. Don’t be afraid to purchase fun and whimsical pieces along with clean and modern decorations.

Here are a few farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you as you’re shopping for items.

Farm Life Furnishings

When you hear “farm,” it’s natural to think about the animals that come along with one. Right now, you’re probably thinking about cows, chickens or pigs. That’s perfectly fine. You see, with farmhouse decorating ideas, nothing is really off limits.

With farm animal home decor, try to mix kitschy pieces with simpler items to create a nice balance. This way, you’ll have selections for those who just want modern options, as well as items for those who prefer something that’s cute and humorous. You can find both in our comprehensive collection of  wholesale farmhouse decor.

Here are a few farm life-themed pieces to consider.

Happy Hen Metal Wall Sign

Happy Hen Metal Sign

We love this wall hanging because it’s a nice example of how chicken decor can fit seamlessly into any farmhouse design. It gives shoppers that vintage farmhouse decor look without the steep price that usually comes along with repurposed items. The Happy Hen wall sign is made of corrugated metal and features a paper artwork design. This piece comes from the Paula Deen Decor collection.

Happy Cow Dairy Ceramic Trinket Tray

Happy Cow Ceramic Tray

Your customers can have a cow...or two with this cute piece of rustic chic decor. This trinket tray is ideal for holding items like keys, jewelry, soap, loose change, or any other knick-knacks around the house. And for the price, you can reasonably stock your store with them since they’re sure to sell fast.

Farm Sweet Farm Pig Barn-Shaped Sign

Farm Sweet Farm Pig Sign

We have a sign that will make your customers yell, “Sooie!” Pig lovers will like this adorable item that’s made with composite wood, metal and paper. Our Farm Sweet Farm Pig Barn sign will put a smile on anyone’s face and let them bring home the bacon in a cute way.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For The Kitchen

The kitchen is like the heart of the home. It brings everyone together for good food,  great times and warm memories. In fitting with the purpose of farmhouse design, Wholesale Accessory Market has a wide range of farmhouse kitchen decor that can help your customers achieve that cozy and inviting feeling. Here are a few items that you might want to add to your product rotation.

Ceramic Personal Berry Bowl

Ceramic Berry Bowl

This cute bowl is great for presenting individual servings of berries or other fruit to guests. Our  Ceramic Personal Berry Bowls can even be lined to serve desserts or snacks. Or, they can be used to hold a smaller glass votive candle. The sky is the limit with these precious bowls. Another great thing is that they’re microwave and dishwasher safe.

Farm To Table Wood And Metal Tray

Farm to Table Tray

Our Farm To Table Wood And Metal Tray can be used for serving or just as a display piece. Either way, it’ll make a great addition for anyone’s kitchen or dining room. It’s made out of wood and galvanized-looking metal. And two antique-inspired handles make it perfect for impressing guests. If you have customers who love rustic farmhouse decor, this piece is where it’s at.

4 Piece Ceramic Canister Set

Ceramic Canister Set

This charming set of ceramic storage canisters are designed to keep your flour, sugar, coffee and tea fresh and secure in a unique way. These canisters feature measurement tables on two sides, decorative designs on the lids, and rope-twine bow accents. The lids also offer an airtight seal for optimal food storage.

Farmhouse Wisdom Wall Hangings

When life is simple, it’s easier to focus on the things that really matter. And when you concentrate on the important things, you’re sure to gain some wonderful experiences in the process. Your customers can share farm platitudes throughout their home with inspirational pieces from Wholesale Accessory Market.

“Gather With A Grateful Heart” Wood Sign

Gather Sign

This inspirational sign can pretty much work in any room of the house. It’s constructed from composite wood and features a paper artwork design with a wood frame.

 “Nest” Framed Wood Sign

Nest Mixed Media Sign

This metal and wood sign serves up the definition of “nest” in a special way. It features a wood frame, paper artwork, and a metal nest with eggs in it. Our “Nest” framed wood sign is an ideal way to welcome anyone into a living space.

“Thankful” Wood Framed Metal Box Sign

Thankful Metal Box Sign


Our “Thankful” Wood Framed Metal Box Sign is far from simple. This stunning, drawer-inspired box sign can work in any room. It features corrugated metal construction, a rustic wood frame and a decorative metal handle with a metal heart accent and rope bow. The sign delivers a wonderful message in a distinguished way.

Find The Best Farmhouse Decor At Wholesale Accessory Market

Shop Wholesale Accessory Market for the best farmhouse pieces around. You’ll find great signs, kitchen accessories, photo frames, tabletop pieces and more. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Please note that inventory changes frequently, so the exact items pictured here may not always be in stock. Don't worry — we always have plenty more wholesale products to choose from!

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