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How to Choose Wholesale Bags and Totes That Will Sell

November 30, 2018 3 min read

How to Choose Wholesale Bags and Totes That Will Sell - Wholesale Accessory Market

As seasons and trends change, it might seem like it’s impossible to nail down the right wholesale handbagsfor your store. With all of the styles, patterns, colors, shapes and fabrics out there, how do you select products that will fly off the shelves and avoid the ones that will collect dust on the shelves? This may come as a surprise, but there’s really no magic formula for selecting popular bags and totes that will sell.

Look at the fashion world. Sometimes, pieces that are predicted to be hot items end up being total flops, while pieces that people take for granted end up becoming must-have items. Think about fanny packs. Once considered to be a super-lame fashion faux pas from the 80s and 90s, fanny packs have managed to become pretty popular these days. They’ve been popping up everywhere—from the world of high fashion to the streets. And eBay actually sold more than 57,000 fanny packs in 2017. How did this ugly duckling of fashion turn into a hot item? Probably because fanny packs have been spotted on runways and on the hips of celebrity influencers everywhere.

You might not have access to celebrity influencers, and that’s okay. When you’re trying to pinpoint the rightwholesale women’s bags to sell, you have a number of resources at your disposal that can help you narrow down your choices.

Watch Handbag and Accessory Trends

As a store, salon or boutique owner, knowing what’s hot should come as second nature to you. But if you find yourself needing fresh inspiration, grab a few fashion magazines to see what’s on trend. Don’t just go for your regular picks. Look at magazines that you never considered before and see what stands out in a good way. Doing this helps because it just might open your mind to new possibilities when it comes to selecting the best wholesale bags for your customers.

Not the magazine type? Grab your phone and scroll through Instagram or other social channels to find styles that are trending. If you’re not a social media fan, just look around you. Observe the accessories and purses people are sporting. Don’t just look at the styles, pay attention to the materials they’re made of, like leather, and also embellishments including straps, zippers, pockets and tassels. Try going one step further by asking shoppers what they like. Asking their opinions lets them know that you care about their shopping experience. It will also give you more insight into what’s in demand.

Keep the Season in Mind

When it comes to buying wholesale bags and totes, the season should play a huge role in your decision without a doubt. Think about it. People buy backpacks, messenger bags and crossbody bags in the fall because that’s when everyone is going back to school. Clutches and wristlets tend to be more popular in the spring and summer during wedding and prom season. When buying bags for your store, don’t just pick out bags on a whim. Always factor in seasonality. If you don’t, you might end up with it a bunch of purses and shoulder bags that you’ll have to mark down in order to get them out the door.

Make Sure theWholesale Handbags You Buy Line Up with Your Brand

You don’t go to McDonalds to get onion rings, and you wouldn’t go to Macy’s to buy lawn and garden equipment. Where are we going with this? We’re basically saying that during the selection process, pick wholesale handbag styles that fit in seamlessly with the items your store is known for.  

If you sell business attire, wild patterns, colors and embellishments might look out of place. Or if your retail space carries items in bold, vibrant patterns and colors, bags and totes in neutral colors could throw things off. In a nutshell, purchase purses, wallets, clutches, makeup bags and other bags that complement your store’s ambiance.

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