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What Mix Of Clothing Sizes Should I Choose When Ordering Wholesale Clothing?

November 22, 2018 3 min read

What Mix Of Clothing Sizes Should I Choose When Ordering Wholesale Clothing? - Wholesale Accessory Market

You saw it in a magazine and you just have to have it.

It’s stunning.

It’s cut to flatter your physique, it comes in a color that you want and it’ll be perfect for that special event that’s right around the corner. You rush to the store and tear through the racks only to find out that your size isn’t available.


The clerk sweetly chirps, “I can order it online and have it shipped to you.” But that’s no consolation when that special event is coming up fast, you have no idea how the garment you wanted is going to fit and you have no clue how long it’ll take to ship. Dejected, you tell her, “That’s okay” and you walk away trying to figure out your Plan B.

Okay. So not all clothes shopping experiences are that dramatic, but we’ve all been in that situation at some point in our lives.

Now, take your consumer hat off and put your boutique owner shoes on. Imagine how customers will feel if this happens to them every time they visit your store. That’s why it’s so important to get an ideal mix of sizes for your customers when ordering apparel wholesale. It doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard and buy 20 pieces in every size. But if you’ve been making your selections blindly and not turning much of a profit, it’s definitely time to figure out the right balance of wholesale clothing sizes for your base clientele.

“How do I do that?,” you ask?

You can start by looking at your sales data. Are you seeing that one size tends to move more than others? Are you noticing that another size gets returned more than others? Or do you find that one particular size isn’t moving at all? Trends like these can be very helpful when you’re trying to tighten up your wholesale clothing buying strategy. Once you recognize the patterns in your sales data, you can start to adjust accordingly if you haven’t been doing so already.

If you don’t keep track of sales data, give these general recommendations a try. Many clothing experts suggest buying three or four items in each size. Another general starting point for determining your size mix is to carry 15% small, 30% medium, 30% large, 15% extra-large, 10% extra-extra large. If you know for sure that you don’t sell a lot of a particular size, you can scale back when it comes to buying wholesale clothing in that size. If you can’t keep a size on the rack, then you know to bump up the number of pieces you purchase.

While these general size mix suggestions might seem like a magic bullet for buying wholesale clothes,  remember that one size doesn’t fit all, even when it comes to inventory selection methods. You still have to take into consideration how the clothes are cut. Depending on the manufacturer, some garments fit generously, while others run pretty small. If you’re planning to order garments from a brand for the first time, ask about the sizing or go one step further and request a size chart so you’ll know exactly what to expect. That way, you won’t end up with a bunch of ill-fitting pieces that are hard to sell.

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