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Top 5 Types Of Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers With Limited Space

December 20, 2018 4 min read

Top 5 Types Of Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers With Limited Space - Wholesale Accessory Market

Trends change all the time. And as you probably know from looking around online, there are many, many types of wholesale home decor for retailers to choose from. So how do you pick which to stock? What's the best mix of wholesale home goods to make the most of your space and budget?


Fortunately, amid all the countless wholesale kitchen accessories, novelty items, knick knacks and more, there are a few categories of home decor staples that are so consistently popular, you almost can't go wrong. Keep the following product types in mind next time you're struggling to decide.


1. Wall Art And Signs

Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers: Wall Sign

Some of the most popular wholesale home decorations are wall signs. Consumers just can't get enough of the pretty designs and clever or heartwarming sayings. During holiday seasons, you may want to stock a few seasonal wall signs, but there are also plenty of designs that shoppers love year-round.


To narrow your options down, think about which designs will best blend with the overall look of your own store, and also with each other. You may even want to choose only playful wholesale home decorations, or only those with more earnest sentiments. There's technically nothing wrong with carrying a mix of styles and sayings, but if you can only stock a few pieces, merchandising can be a lot easier when you stick with a cohesive theme.


So which types of wall art are in demand right now? Farmhouse styles are top sellers, followed by vintage and Western designs. But again, the best wholesale home decor for retailers is whatever will most appeal to the local customer base and complement the surrounding inventory.


One more tip: Consider sticking with wall signs in neutral colors. That way, your merchandise can appeal to the broadest possible range of consumers.

2. Coffee Mugs

Wholesale Home Goods: Coffee Mug

Here's a timeless classic if there ever was one. The beauty of coffee mugs is that everyone can use them. Even those who don't drink coffee can appreciate a nice mug and use it for tea, hot cocoa, hot cider, etc. That's why coffee mugs are a staple in most orders of wholesale kitchen accessories.


But don't stock just any coffee mugs. The best sellers are the ones that are unique or clever in some way. They either have beautiful designs or, better yet, clever or meaningful sayings. Wholesale coffee mugs with words on them make especially popular gifts because they show thoughtfulness and personal significance without requiring the shopper to know the recipient's size.


As always, consider which coffee mugs will fit in best with the overall vibe of your store and resonate with your target audience. Will they prefer something funny or heartfelt? Are you merchandising around a particular theme or set of colors? At any given time, there's sure to be a coffee mug or two in our inventory that will make sense for your business. Check out the latest options each time you place a new order of wholesale home goods.

3. Coasters

Wholesale Home Goods: Coasters

Coasters are kind of like coffee mugs in the sense that everyone can use them, and there are no sizes to worry about. They're affordable, classy and practical. Plus, they're usually even more gender-neutral than coffee mugs. If you like to differentiate your boutique by stocking unusual items, you can even order wholesale coasters for vehicles. Car coasters have equally broad appeal but are not as easily found in retail locations.


The current trend with coasters is to feature sweet or amusing sayings, much like coffee mugs. So when you choose which coasters to include in your order of wholesale home goods, think about the same considerations that apply to mugs and wall signs: How will they fit in with the overall look and feel of your store? Choose those with styles and sentiments that complement your other merchandise.

4. Hand Towels

Wholesale Kitchen Accessories: Hand Towel

One nice thing about stocking hand towels or tea towels is that they're not only practical and cute; they're also very necessary! Let's face it. At some point, everyone has gone to dry their hands and realized their hand towels have seen better days. It's just a fact that they wear out with use, so there will always be a pretty steady demand. Another nice thing about carrying hand towels is that they stack easily, which makes them simple to store and display with limited shelf space.


As always, pick the hand towels that go best with your store theme. You may also want to check out our state-themed towels, as state pride merchandise is on trend with shoppers.

5. Picture Frames

Wholesale Home Decorations: Picture Frame

Even in these days of digital everything, picture frames still have an important place in the world of wholesale home decorations. There will always be something special about displaying a tangible photo, and a frame is a way to add personal style and say "this is important." Again, that makes them popular gifts.


Like general wall decor, picture frames are trending toward farmhouse, vintage and Western styles. But you should choose whichever fit best in your store overall.


An added bonus of ordering wholesale picture frames? You can not only resell them but also use them to frame store "signs" — from prices to sale announcements and more —  in a way that adds personality and helps shape the atmosphere in your store.

The Best Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers With Business Savvy

You want to stock merchandise that will support your store's image, fly off the shelves and make your customers happy. We can help. Shop our full selection of wholesale home goods today.

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